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Skip's Favorite Overall Workouts
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Bonus Workout Tips

Strip sets and Repeating (repping) to Failure
"Repping to failure" basically means to keep lifting the weight until it's impossible to continue (i.e. the muscle no longer wants to contract).
Strip Set Tips:

During a strip set, your spotter removes some of the weight immediately after you've completed the last repetition, allowing you to continue with lighter weight. This fatigues the muscle enormously. The important thing to remember is to move the weight slowly. Since it's lighter, it's easier to move. So to get the maximum benefit out of it, your form must be perfect, and the movement of the weight should be slow and controlled.

For a strip set, an example would be to do:

    12 reps for the first set,
    10 reps for the second set,
    6 reps for the third set,
    6 reps for the fourth set,
    8 reps for the fifth set,
    and 10 reps for the final set.

Other Workouts 

A resource that will help get you started is an article series written by Matt Danielson which goes into more detail regarding the concepts I've mentioned above. Matt is a professional personal trainer and he writes articles routinely for bodybuilding.com. His articles are particularly great for beginners or bodybuilders who've been away from the gym for a while or might be plateauing and trying to get a new routine going:

Here's also a link to a Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator so that you can determine what your maintenance caloric intake should be:

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