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Written by Joey Quinones   
Saturday, 07 June 2008

Me (Joey) at 219 lbs.
Jared, “The Subway guy” was my nick name. Everywhere I went, whether it was the grocery store, the mall, even my family, everyone laughed and called me Jared. Don’t get me wrong, I love Subway and I applaud Jared’s accomplishments, but I wanted my own image. Believe it or not, I avoided mirrors. I looked at myself one day and was just stunned at my size. I weighed 220lbs and was on the brink of upgrading to a size 40 in pants. I realized I needed a drastic change - the change of a new me.

 I started off by reading a few books and magazines (Power Eating and Men’s Health). By eating clean, good foods, 6 times a day, I managed to drop 10lbs in a month. I joined the local gym and continued dropping 10lbs each month for another 5 months. The process took many hours in the gym and the sacrifice of favorite, flavorful foods to the same bland, repetitive foods each day and everyday.

I was down to 160lbs, 8.4% body fat and a 29 waist. I continued researching and joined websites such as fitday.com and bodybuilding.com where I met a great motivators like Chicken Tuna and Skip, The Abdominator. With their advice and stunning pictures I stayed focused and learned to stay persistent while pursuing to reach my goals. Eventually, I reached a plateau. I couldn’t gain a pound. With the help and advice from Skip and other friends I changed up my supplements, cut back on cardio and within 3 months I gained 4lbs and maintained 8.9% body fat. Not too shabby from a rookie that’s self taught. No trainer, no nutritionist – just research and support from great friends. The key is not just at the gym but in the kitchen.

Working out is the easy part. It’s what you eat that determines your muscle gains and fat losses. I expect more changes in the coming months. You can see my progress from start to present time; struggles and accomplishments on http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/joeyq911/.

Me (Joey) at 166 lbs.
It’s June ’08 and I’m currently at 166lbs 8.9% body fat. Through the process, I’ve lost good friends and gained great ones. I’ve learned to be patient and persistent. With those two factors, anything is possible. My life has taken an “about face” for the better. I’ve grown physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m an example of the fit and a role model for Christian believers. Your body is your temple. How clean is your body and mind? Mind, Body and Spirit – when you clean one, the rest will follow. To my dear friend and brother Skip - Thank you for this opportunity. Take care and God bless all,

- Joey Quinones

Words of encouragement: “Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or small, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” -Mahatma Gandhi