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Saturday, 18 October 2008

ImageMy name is James Albury, and I've been involved with the fitness industry for over 20 years.  I started exercising when I was 17 years old, and at the time, I was 5'10" tall, but only weighed 125 lbs., so I was very underweight and I wanted to improve my physique by gaining muscle mass.  Good nutrition is one of the key components in any health and wellness plan.  Unfortunately I didn't appreciate how important that was until I had been training for almost 7 years.  With hard work, consistency and a fair amount of discipline, I was able to eventually transform my physique to the point where I felt I was ready to try my hand at competitive bodybuilding.

My involvement with Univera began in the summer of 2003 when I was preparing for my 4th competition.  In the months leading up to a competition, a bodybuilder has to modify his exercise and nutrition so that he/she can lose excess bodyfat, while maintaining muscle mass.  This is something that takes a lot of focus, and can be physically demanding on those days when your calorie intake is fairly low.  Your mental sharpness and energy levels take a major drop.

ImageMy friend Ginger Ward introduced me to Agless Xtra, and it made such a tremendous difference.  First, I noticed my mental clarity improved.  That "fog" that would hit me around mid-afternoon lifted almost immediately.  At that time of my life, I was also working as a computer support analyst for the UF Computing Help Desk, so being in a mental fog while trying to help someone who's having a computer problem is not a good combination.

Another added benefit I noticed was my improved aerobic capacity.  My workouts prior to competition are traditionally longer because not only do I have to weight train to maintain muscle density, but I have to add an aerobic component to my routine to accelerate bodyfat loss.  My goal was to lose 1-2 lbs. of bodyfat every 6-10 days, so that on competition day, I was right on target.

My workouts with those two elements combined would easily go to almost 2 hours in length.  I would start off with weight training, and then move on to my aerobic activity (either jogging on the treadmill, using an elliptical machine, or taking a group fitness class).  During a typical session of aerobics, I burn between 500-700 calories, so it's critical that I'm able to get that taken care of while I'm already at the gym.  Given the demands of my job, I'm not able to split up my weight training sessions and aerobic sessions.  So I had to accomplish both objectives near the same time, and with all my previous competitions, I found it was a struggle to get through the aerobic workout.  That's where Ageless Xtra "came to the rescue".

One of the 4 focus points in Ageless Xtra is the improvement of aerobic capacity and I noticed that almost immediately.  For example, I would drink 3 ounces of Ageless Xtra an hour before my workout, and not only would I have more energy for my weight training, but I could do my aerobic training and not feel exhausted, even after being on the treadmill for almost 45 minutes. 

ImageThe addition of Ageless Xtra to my nutritional plan was definitely the winning ticket, because not only did it improve mental focus and aerobic capacity, but the MaxCell proprietary blend helps drive much needed nutrients into my cells to help them rejuvenate faster.

As you've probably guessed, I won my competition that year, and I owe a big part of it to the benefits of adding Ageless Xtra to my nutritional plan.

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