Workout for Brick-like Abdominals
Written by Skip   
Saturday, 04 December 2010

ImageIf you've ever wanted the secret to having solid, dense, abdominal muscles (reminiscent of dinner rolls), try this routine that I've been doing for the last several months.

I found the abdominal muscles respond well to progressive resistance.  Just like all the other muscle groups, as you apply resistance, the muscles will grow denser and flex harder.

In April 2010, I began doing 3 sets of weighted cable crunches every day, adding more weight each set.  Each set would be approximately 20-30 reps, where I select a weight so that within the last 5-10 reps I  feel an intense burn.

Weighted using cables are done kneeling on the floor and holding the handle behind your head; similar to the photo below:

I do 3 sets of Kneeling Cable Crunch for 20-30 reps with progressively heavier weight, pyramiding down one day, up the next day. So, for example (the weights you use will vary):

Day 1:

Set #1 = 30 reps, 150 lbs.

Set #2 = 25 reps, 160 lbs.

Set #3 = 20 reps, 170 lbs.


Day 2:

Set #1 = 30 reps, 170 lbs. (or as close to 30 reps as you can get)

Set #2 = 25 reps (twisting) , 160 lbs.

Set #3 = 20 reps (twisting), 150 lbs.


Again, the weights you use will vary, but it'll make your abs MUCH thicker and they'll stand out well (especially if you have low bodyfat levels).  Remember, good nutrition is the key to having visible abdominal muscles, so don't forget to pay close attention to what you eat.

Here's a list of all the exercises that train the Rectus Abdominis:

And here's detailed description of the muscle group:

So try it and let me know what you think!

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